Statistics of Type 22-H M S  B R O A D S W O R D



Dimensions :       LOA                                      131m                     430'
                                Beam                                      14.75m                  48

                                Draught                                 6.2m                      21'
                                Displacement                      4000 tonnes

Complement : Maximum                                25 Officers and 225 ratings
Private ship                          17 Officers 59 senior rates 149 juniors

    Machinery :
                  Two Rolls-Royce OLYMPUS TM 3B gas turbines for full power each developing
                                            25,000 shp. Two Rolls-Royce TYNE RM lA gas turbines for cruising each
                                            developing 4,800 shp.

This COGOG machinery arrangement allows each of the two shafts to be driven either by a TYNE or OLYMPUS engine. Each shaft drives through a non-reversing reduction gearbox to a controllable pitch propellor. In the Ship Control Centre an electronic control system varies pitch and the fuel supply to the engines to produce the required power.

Performance:                Maximum speed                 30 knots (approx)
Cruising speed                 18 knots (approx)

Generators :                Four 1000 kw machines, each driven by a Paxman Ventura diesel.

Sensors :                            Two Type 910 seawolf, fire control radars
                                            Types 968 and 967 warning radar
                                            Type 1006 high definition navigational radar
                                            Advanced computer controlled sonar system and
                                            Electronic Intercept equipment.

For surveillance :            two Ferranti FM 1600B computers are
                                            used to control and process data from the sensors.
                                            A Computer Aided Action Information System (CAAIS)
                                            displays selected data to the command in the Operations

In action:                            two further 1600B computers are used to control missile

Weapons :                        Seawolf  a double headed surface to air point defence missile
                                            system. Each head contains six missiles for immediate

Exocet                               four surface to surface anti-shipping missiles.

Bofors                                two 40mm rapid firing policing guns.

STWS                                two triple launchers deck mounted for anti-submarine

LYNX                                two Lynx helicopters armed with either guns, or
                                             anti-submarine torpedoes.