1961 - 1963

H.M.S. TRAFALGAR          Captain R.R.B. Mackenzie, M.V.O., M.B.E
H.M.S. BROADSWORD     Commander Sir Peter Anson, Bt.
H.M.S. JUTLAND               Commander J.D Honywill
H.M.S. CORUNNA              Commander O.N.A. Cecil
H.M.S. DUNKIRK               Commander C.R.A. O'Brien
H.M.S. SCORPION             Commander A.J Miller
H.M.S. AISNE                      Commander W. Noble, D.S.C., A.F.C.

H.M Ships TRAFALGAR, BROADSWORD, DUNKIRK, JUTLAND and SCORPION commissioned in May 1961 and proceeded to work up together at Portland.

Visits and exercises were carried out during the home leg of the commission with the squadron working together whenever possible. The one absentee was DUNKIRK, who had joined LION and LEAPARD in a grand tour of South America.

TRAFALGAR, BROADSWORD, JUTLAND and SCORPION sailed together for the Mediterranean in March, 1962 and where joined in Gibraltar after exercise Dawn-Breeze by DUNKIRK. JUTLAND left us at this time to return to Home waters and then Pay-Off. The squadron went together for their first visit of the Med. leg to malaga, Corfu and Barcelona.

In July 1962 we were joined by CORUNNA and AISNE who had commissioned in February and March. DUNKIRK was to have returned to U.K. in December, but a defect occurred to BROADSWORD's main engine gearing and she returned instead, leaving DUNKIRK to complete the commission in the MED.

TRAFLAGAR, DUNKIRK and SCORPION are due to return to the U.K. in March 1963 to be followed in April by CORUNNA.



Taken from Scorpion Commission Book (Courtesy J.W (George) Sexton)