Cenotaph 2020

Message from RBL
Whilst the overall number of participants in this year’s Cenotaph Dispersal must be significantly reduced to approximately
 2200 to comply with social distancing guidelines, it is also considered hugely important that in the centenary year of
The Cenotaph, every Service Association is able to be represented. To that end, each association will be allocated eight spaces.

Please email if you ware wishing to march this year.

1. Carl Brassington
2. George Roche  .
3. David Cooke   .
4. Brian Halliwell   .
5. Scouse Ball       .
6. David Mowlam .
7. Nick Page        .


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25th Aniversary of The Broadsword Association
HMS Drake 22nd May 2021

The list is now up for all those interested in attending to add yourself and any guests.

At the moment Government guidelines on how many people can attend functions is 30.
Still add yourself to the list as no doubt we will be in a better situation by May 2021. ☺

Reunion 2021 List