Cenotaph March Past

Remembrance Sunday - 11 November 2018

This year marks the centenary of the signing of the Armistice in 1918.

RBL have again improved the process of issuing tickets, last year we were issued 36 and had 28 marchers. This year we have been allocated 30 tickets and the first closing date is 20th August.
The idea is to maximise the amount of marchers to the event. If at 20th Aug we have 30 then there is a chance that we can be allocated some more tickets.
If you have requested an invitation (or completed registration) and find that you will not be able to attend please send a cancel invitation to allow someone else to march instead.

Request Invitation  |  Cancell Invitation

To those that havent accepted the invite and havent registered, the invites will shortly be cancelled to allow others to register for tickets.
Those that have registered please make sure that all details have been entered that are required ie city of birth nationality etc, some of these maybe used for security questions. Re visit the link in the invitation email to do this.

Cenotaph Parade Tickets Allocation = 30 | Invitations = 0 | Registered = 30 | Available = 0

Registration List - Cenotaph Parade Tickets

1 George Roche Pending
2 Steve Bullock Pending
3 Michael Green Pending
4 Steve Hicks Pending
5 Johnathan Kew Pending
6 Geoffrey Palmer Pending
7 Andrew Peel Pending
8 Lee Porter Pending
9 Daryl Shaw Pending
10 Brian Halliwell Pending
11 Keith Marsey Pending
12 Steve Auty Pending
13 Colyn Ball Pending
14 Michael Bowen Pending
15 Jeremy Davis Pending
16 Patrick Paul Pending
17 Steve Legge Pending
18 David Mowlam Pending
19 Pony Moore Pending
20 Dave Pearce Pending
21 J Collins Pending
22 Bill Canning Pending
23 John Foster Pending
24 Charles Threlfall Pending
25 Nick Page Pending
26 Dale Jones Pending
27 Carl Brassington Pending
28 Anthony Dukes Pending
29 John Connel Pending
30 Richard Bell-Davies Pending