The reunion this year has been cancelled.
We have provisionally booked with HMS Drake for 21st May 2022.
We have left all your names on the list for this event which will also be the 40th Aniversarty of the Falklands War.
Add Attendee If you are added and cant attend please email
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ID Name
42 Dolly Gray
43 Carol Gray
44 Colin (George) Copeland
45 Angela Copeland
46 Dave Green
47 Susan Green
48 Darryl Shaw
49 S(R) Tim Blamey
50 Carl Brassington
51 Alex Bell
52 Nathan Bell
53 Andy Goulder
54 Jeni Lee
55 Nobby Hall
56 Bill Canning (if still alive)
57 Jim Munn
58 Julie Munn
59 lee white
60 Ann Childerhouse
61 Dicky Davies