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H M S  B R O A D S W O R D
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A hanger and flight deck are fitted for operation of two Lynx helicopters.

COCOG plant is fitted consisting of twin sets of main Olympus gas turbines and cruise Tyne gas turbines driving controllable pitch propellers through non reversable double reduction gear boxes. Control is exercised from the bridge or the Ship Control Centre.
Electrical power is supplied by four diesel generators each of 1000 KW capacity. 

General and Weapons
The BROADSWORD CLASS are designed as general purpose frigates with a primary role to detect, hunt and destroy submarines.  To this end there is a sophisticated sonar fit and a wide range of noise reduction measures.  The main offensive weapon is a torpedo which may be delivered by helicopter or tube launched from the ship.  Other weapons include Exocet (SSGW) and Seawolf (Point Defense Missile System)

The hull is of all welded construction using 'B' quality mild steel plate. The mainmast, funnel and minor areas of the superstructure are aluminium alloy.

Two pairs of non retractable stabilisers are fitted within the length of the machinery compartments.

An electro-hydraulic installation is fitted which incorporates rotory vane type gear operating on two spade rudders.

Accommodation is provided for:-
25 Officers
5 F/CPO's
25 CPO's (1 in FCPO cabin - MAA)
39 PO's
115 Junior Ratings
A Royal Marine detachment of 1 Sergent, 1 Corporal and 8 OR's can be carried in lieu of the same number of RN personnel.