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All through training we are taught the importance of team spirit. Our involvement in the Falkland's crisis has amply demonstrated the need for such a spirit.

A modern warship is allocated a team; every member of that team is vital to utilise the ship's full capability, both at war and at peace. Each man must know his job, his responsibilities, his place in the scheme of things while at the same time staying adaptable to changing situations, changing needs. Each man must have confidence in his team mates knowing that they are there to support him as much as he is there to support them.

Our periods spent in Bomb Alley (San Carlos Water) our involvement in the rescue of HMS coventry's crew and our "Goal Keeping" on HMS HERMES has shown this teamwork in action. On occasions while some members of the crew ensured that the landing forces were given optimum protection, others were engaged in our own defense. Another day, while crew members helped with the picking up, treating and comforting of the COVENTRY boys, others were busily employed tackling our own damage. In both instances, as was evident throughout the operation, every team member got on with his allocated job, knowing that whatever else needed doing was being done. This is the kind of confidence, of reassurance, you get from serving with a crack team, a top team. the BROADSWORD team.