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Memories, dreams, reflections - A personal view 22 years after the Falklands War.
By Neil Douglas Allen, ex-Radio Operator, HMS Broadsword

The Red and Green Life Machine a book by Rick Jolly.

"The Admirals Pennant" a confession by Scouse English
Twenty years on, and the sleepless nights have finally forced me to confess (yeah right)

Billy Wizz's Model making.

Chief Skilleter (Billy Wizz) while down the Falklands decided to pass the long hours when there was no action with some model making. This didn't quite go to plan as you can see with this letter to the model makers.

Bomb Alley Suicide Squad (drawing)

I don't remember who's idea this was or who even contributed to the making of it. The copy here was touched up by myself and a seawolf missile added.

Radar Picture (Falklands)

This is a photo of the Radar display in the Surveillance Office. Selected Radar is 1006 Navigation showing the Falkland Islands.


80th birthday of H M Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother 4th August 1980 and  Falkland Island dependencies first day cover. These envelopes with stamps were brought back from a visit ashore during the Falklands War.