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B O M B   A L L E Y   -   F O U R T H   D A Y
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The Admiral again reverted to the 42/22 Combo and the following morning we headed west with COVENTRY to act as a forward radar picket. Again we saw nothing but we were receiving reports from San Carlos of an attack. We couldn't' help but feel for the others in Bomb Alley and the results of the attack were eagerly awaited. Would another ship sink and more friends be lost? While we waited we also thought for our affiliated regiment. The Blues and Royals - a small number of whom were ashore near San Carlos providing a spearhead in the form of Scorpion tanks. A report came in that GR 3 Harriers were bombing Port Stanley but that was not of prime interest. What was happening in Bomb Alley? Then the news came, announced by the PWO as being quite extraordinary. Quite extraordinary it was too. Sea Harriers had shot down two aircraft. Rapier on line at last three, FEARLESS's Sea Cat two while others had been seen departing trailing smoke. Whoops of joy spread around the ship. "That would give the Argentines something to think about". The success with the aircraft had not been inflicted without damage and the SIR LANCELOT and SIR TRISTRAM had both been hit by unexploded bombs. Fortunately the ships were almost empty so they were beached to be recovered later. Our own-however was not completely wasted. Late in the afternoon we took control of two Harriers to intercept and shoot down 3 Mirages north of Pebble Island.