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 E P I L O G U E
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The story of the fighting ends here but not the story of the Falklands. After the battle many things had to be repaired and some prisoners returned to Argentina. Many ships moved inshore to render assistance but not BROADSWORD as we were still required to protect HERMES well to the east. However we did provide a working party to help in Port Stanley.

Thinking we were destined to remain in the South Atlantic forever increased the boredom and this was only lifted at the beginning of July when we were ordered to go to Port Stanley with HERMES to put her air group ashore prior to going HOME. Delight rapidly spread throughout the ship and after a brief one day visit to the capital, both ships turned round and went full speed ahead for Ascension Island en route for UK.

Although everyone is happy to be heading home let us spare a thought for those who only made a one way journey and for their families. Let us remember that they made the supreme sacrifice for the freedom of others. While we live let us spare a thought to consider just how different it could have been...........