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O U T   O F   T H E   A L L E Y  B A C K   T O   T H E   T E Z
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On the 26th BROADSWORD returned to the carrier group to carry out repairs to the hole in the ship's side and flight deck. The Chippy's team worked tirelessly and using a combination of steel plate, "Beizona" and "Mazel Metal" they managed to patch up the ship temporarily until more permanent work could be done alongside the STENA SEASPREAD the repair ship. We resumed our role as goalkeeper and settled down for a bit of comparative peace and quiet.

Things remained fairly quiet in San Carlos with PLYMOUTH shooting down one aircraft in a sniping raid. One GR 3 was lost near Goose Green and the Harriers continued to bomb Port Stanley and Goose Green. On the 28th GLAMORGAN, ALACRITY and AVENGER carried out an overnight bombardment of Argentine positions and the GR 3s bombed Argentine troop concentrations in support of the Paras who were advancing towards Darwin and Goose Green.