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HMS Ardent

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HMS Ardent is hit and Anchors.  HMS Yarmouth rescues and Broadsword provides air cover.

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21st May (Bomb Alley day One)

HMS Ardent Association


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Published by Mainstream Publishing the book about Ardent's story starts in Amsterdam in December 1981 and follows the crew through to the ships sinking on 21 May 1982 and beyond.  

Written by Mark Higgitt, a relative of Ardent survivor Andy Cox, the book explores the people that made HMS Ardent the ship it was.  A happy and professional ship that provided such a powerful display of Naval Gunfire Support cover to the landing troops that the ITN reporter Michael Nicholson was moved to say:

I must pay tribute, public tribute, as certainly the troops would wish us to, to the crew of 'Ardent', the frigate that went down, sunk last night.
They had a gun line over the British landing troops, they had to stay in position, or else the troops were totally unprotected. Ardent was in a totally vulnerable position in the sound, could not move, did not wish to move.  Without Ardent they could not have got ashore, had they got ashore without Ardent they could not have stayed protected ashore. So let's just make that tribute very public!"

ITN Reporter -  Michael Nicholson- 21 May 1982