Due to a large amount of letters recieved from ex crew of HMS Scorpion, Broadswords sister ship a section has been added for these letters.


  I was wondering if you help me or point me in the right direction,
My Brother, MEM Ware served on HMS Broadsword in 1993 and lost his life in a fire that broke out in July 1993 aged 22, I was very young at the time and didn't realy know my brother,  Ive been trying to find out some more about my brother for my sake and for out mothers. As i'm intrested in learning more about his life as a sailor,  
So I was wondering if it would be posible for you to put something on your website asking if any of his former shipmates could share any experiances or storrys that they shared with him just so we could get a insite into his ofshore life. 

   Thank you in advance for any help.

 Alastair Robins 

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Scorpion and Broadsword 1961

The two boats came into Gib in 1961 to prepare for a NATO ex. The Royal Engineers had a special relationship with the Navy since the siege of Gibraltar circa 1704. A Lucky 4 or 5 of us sqaddies were invited to spend a day on board during a NATO sub hunting ex in the Med. It turned out for us land lovers to be one of the most memorable days in our whole lives. We were signed on as crew for the day and were treated like royalty, watching every fantastic part of the ships performance ----Refuelling at sea, the engine room, boiler room, Gun drill (a 3.5 inch I believe), the Radar /Asdic control room. And then what I consider a unique experience for soldiers we were allowed by the Quartermaster to steer HM Scorpion for 20 minutes each, taking instructions from the bridge and relaying to the engine room and I can tell you the Nato craft behind us had great difficulty following our erratic course and strange alterations in speed. To anyone who helped us to be pretend sailors for a day my hearty thanks—a highlight of my life.

Visit to Kim Duddridge Bristol area
Co-ordinator for the Support Our Soldiers Charity
Broadsheet 22/05/2008
Broadsheet 2007 A year in focus. Broadsword veterans page 57.

Dear Sir,
My uncle Able Seaman Robert Paddock served on HMS Broadsword during 1949. Previous to that date, he was serving aboard HMS Virago in Palestine where he received a Mentioned in Despatches.
My mother, Roberts younger sister and I are interested in leaning more about his service in the Royal Navy.
We are wondering, if any member of your association or the associations records have any information on my uncle.
Gordon Bushell

November 2000
I just thought I would write a short note to express my appreciation for all the hard work, organisation and effort which yourself and others put in to arranging the latest reunion. It was truly enjoyable to have the opportunity to renew old acquaintances again.
For the next reunion, I am totally in favour of the idea to propose an informal rendezvous in one of the pubs in Chester for the Friday evening - this would eliminate the mad rush to meet the coach, followed by the usual carousing on an empty stomach (no, I never learn and I am indebted to Wolfie Wier's wife for the headache pills...)
As for the proposal for the formal dinner, you can count on me as being in favour of that too.
As regards distribution of details of members, please feel free to pass on my address and telephone number to any other member of the association who requests it. Concerning any list of members which might be available more generally, I am perfectly happy to have my e-mail address appear, but not my telephone number or address.
Again, a big "thank you" for such a successful reunion, and I look forward to seeing you in two years time, if not before.
Darby Allen
November 2000
Dear All
Firstly let me express my sincere apologies for my absence at this years reunion.
A new millennium is upon us and in my life it is not the only new arrival this year, my wife Melanie gave birth to our third child a baby girl on the 31st August this year Melanie's own birthday.
Phillipa a welcome addition to our family will be christened on Sunday 19 November 2000 and as good as I am, even I find it impossible to be in two places at once.
Melanie and I send you our love and best wishes and hope you all have a very successful weekend, we will be thinking of you.
I look forward to 2002 our 20th Anniversary meeting with a school boy like impatience. See you all then, in the meantime crack a tin for me.
Yours Sincerely
Charlie Cooke

November 2000
Dear Alan

Thank you for my members card received recently, unfortunately I will not be able to attend the reunion at Chester.
I hope all goes as well as it did two years ago, I do know it is because you and Tansy have kept a steady hand on the tiller that it will be supported this year.
The enclosed photo (original black and white) one of Broadsword entering Venice on Monday 4th July 1960. We had just done a six week patrol around Cyprus so the holiday atmosphere at Venice was much enjoyed by all during our four day stay.
I send my best wishes to all attending and hope I will be able to attend the next reunion, be it at Chester or elsewhere.

Sincere regards

John Gunson EX MECH 1

P.S Sorry I could not frame the photo's      [Johns photo added to the gallery]

1st Newsword Copy of the very first Newsword the original Broadsword news letter with a foreword by Captain A.M Norman
Added by Joe Frazer ex RO1(T)
12 July 1978
Scan of a letter written by Captain A M Norman while at Yarrow
Letter from Captain A M Norman to Mr A Dunn 12 July 1978.pdf