Visit to Kim Duddridge Bristol area Co-ordinator for the

Support Our Soldiers Charity

On Thursday the 19th November Tanzy, Mo & myself met with Kim Dudderidge Bristol area co-ordinator for Support our Soldiers to hand in the monies collected from the  Reunion at the Birmingham Nautical club. We collected £125.20 and the Association donated a further £100 to boost the total.

Kim told us that every penny raised goes directly to buying products for the troops.  All the green boxes in the background have been put together by Kim for the troops.  The boxes cost in the region of £3 - £5 to fill and are filled with things like toiletries, sweets, hand warmers, books, writing pads etc.

Kimís local Post office has arranged to open especially for her to deliver the boxes to be sent and the local Bristol radio station GWR is going to be there.

Kim is doing a fantastic job along with all the other people involved in SOS. Without their efforts the troops would have few of the comforts of home this Christmas and throughout the year.  Kim has a personal interest in SOS as her 19 year old Daughter Emma, who us in the REME, is due to be deployed to Afghanistan shortly as a Tank Engineer.

We just want to say a big thank you to all who help to support the troops in action at the moment.

Written by Kath Morris.