RE-UNION 02. 15th - 16th November 2002

At Chester Town Hall

The Broadsword association will hold its 3rd Annual Reunion at Chester Town Hall on 15th/16th November 2002.

At the AGM held at Chester on the 18th November 2000 it was decided to hold a Commemorative Broadsword Dinner for the Associations Annual Reunion in the year 2002, the members present asked for costing and a proposed programme for the weekend.
After our first committee meeting held in Bristol on 23rd February 2001 your comitee have outlined the proposed programme as follows:-

Friday 15th November 2002

Members arrive at Chester all day.
In the evening there will be an informal get together at the "Pied Bull" public house which is next to the Town Hall. There is no set time to arrive, you can call in at any time during normal drinking time, there is nothing organised, no food, no transport, and no rushing around! If you don't feel like coming, DON'T ! we will see you on the Saturday.

Saturday 16th November 2002

14:30 The AGM will take place at the Town Hall. (All members to attend please) Any broadsword memorabilia in stock will be available on sale during the AGM. No sales will take place during the evening!
19:30 Broadsword Up Spirits in the bar (cost £1.00 a tot) Upon arriving at the Town Hall all members and their guests are to sign the Guest Book in the Foyer to give a true number of those attending.
20:00 Broadswords will be called for dinner (seating plan will be used) the seating plan will be on display during the AGM, at the Up Spirits, and place names will be used on the tables.
The meal will be Waiter/Waitress service, Unfortunately drinks will not be served during the meal, Bottles (House Reds and Whites) will be placed on the tables along with port for your consumption, you are asked to serve yourselves during the meal with drinks. A table will be placed conveniently close to the main table to enable you to replenish empty bottles.
23:00 Finish dinner, adjourn to the bar for refreshments.


The cost of the dinner, with drinks, will come to the sum of £25.00 a head, we envisage that a total of 160 people will attend.
harvey's Farmhouse caterers will be caterers for the evening. And the drinks + free glasses will be supplied by ashley Scott Wine Merchants (Both from Chester). Any breakage's will have to be paid for on return.

The Menu for the Dinner
Menu B

Starter Course
(Choose any one)

Tomato and Basil Soup
Cream of celery Soup
Cream of Asparagus Soup
Platter of Seafood
Prawn Coctail
Crown of Melon filled with Seasonal Berries
Fresh Assorted Citrus Cocktail
Chicken Liver and Smoked Bacon Pate

Main Course
(Choose any one)
Steak of Salmon presented on a Seafood Sauce
Breast of Chicken with a White Wine and Mushroom Sauce
Roast Loin of Pork with Stuffing and Apple Sauce
Noisettes of Lamb Scented with Rosemary
Beef Chasseur

Sweet Course

Creme Brulle
Pavlova Nest filled with tropical fruits
Fresh fruit Salad and Cream
Blackberry and Apple Pie
Chocolate Roulade
Lemon and Lime Soufflé
Warmed Ginger and Almond Tart
Coffee and Mints (part of meal)


FISH COURSE    £3.00
Choose one fish and one sauce

Salmon Halibut Prawn
Sole Sea Bass Veronique (Wine and Grape)
Plaice Sword Fish Mushroom and Wine
Tomato and Shallot
Cafe De Paris(Pepper, Garlic Butter)

You are asked to tick each section of the dinner, if you are bringing a friend/Wife or Partner you will be required to fill in a separate Menu sheet, (enclosed) Coffee and Mints are part of the meal but if you require them please tick. We will be using a Table plan for the Waiters/Waitresses so please ensure you order correctly and sit in the correct seats to avoid confusion on the night.

The Wines and Ports are supplied by Ashley Scott Wine merchants and they will be supplying a House Red/White and a Port wine.

They are:- a 75cl Cuvée Miche Jean Red, (Rich and Smooth)
They are:- a 75cl Cuvée Miche Jean White medium dry, (Lots of fruit)
               and a NV Souza Rich Ruby Port
Glasses will be placed on the table for each Wine, there is no requirement to order any particular wine as they will be placed on the table prior to the meal and available throughout on a table close to the Banquet Tables (you will, unfortunately, be required to pour your own wines, the caterers will only serve the food.

All members who are going to attend will be required to place their orders on the Menu order forms provided and to forward the correct amount (£25.00 a head) to :- Keith Roberts (Secretary) at 1 Sunningdale Close, Nailsea, bristol, BS48 2UJ Tel 01275 858996

I do not have to remind you that the figures have been worked out on a specific number of members attending, we require all members to return their forms + Cheques/Postal Orders (Made Payable to the Broadsword Association) as soon as possible. If we do not reach the specified number there may be an additional charge but at the moment this is not envisaged (Forewarned is forearmed).


Mini Weekend Broadsword Reunion in Guzz
On the 27th/28th/29th July 2001

Steve Bullock has asked the committee to advertise an informal get together in Guzz on the above dates. We all know that the question of a Mid term reunion was mentioned at the Chester AGM but this is a (one off), it is not official, but if you wish to attend please contact Steve Bullock ONLY and not the committee! He will do all the bookings for you. There is one small problem says Steve, The hotel, which is the Imperial Hotel on Lockyer Street can only take 22 couples! So get your orders in quickly or stay somewhere else!
The charges are as follows:-

Daily Special Association 20% Discount
Standard Single £35.00 £28.00
Single with Facilities £46.00 £36.80
Single Occ of Dbl/Twin £51.00 £40.80
Standard Double/Twin £49.00 £39.20
Double/Twin with Fac,s £59.00 £47.20
Family Rooms £59.00

A four course dinner Per person is £12.95. There is a deposit required of £10.00 per person. Contact Steve on 01752 550485 E Mail Stevie@bullock69.freestyle.co.uk


The Newsletter

The Broadsword Newsletter has currently been up and running for 4 years and it is only now that we have so much material to publish I have decided to use half of it now and the remainder for the November edition.

On this edition we will concentrate on the Reunion details. There is also a new standing order form for you all to see and we would like you to fill it in and get it started as soon as possible, it will save the Association a lot of money in the future if everyone was paying affiliations by Standing Order, this is of coarse to come in line with your wishes at the AGM in Chester when you all asked for the bank details for payment by the above method.

As you can see there is also an attendance form to fill in and post off to me as soon as possible, when you are organising an event there is never enough days to get it all done. On the next Reunion we require exact details of who is arriving, as we have a lot to organise to make it run smoothly, please send your forms off with all the details asked for, along with your menu order forms to me. I need all of those details before I can start ordering anything. Please remember, if you say you are attending you will need to pay up front, both your affiliation (Standing Order) and the cost of the meal.

Are you attending

Check off List (for your use)

Item to Whome What means Tick
Affiliation (£10) Bank Standing Order
Menu Order Form +(£25.00each) K.Roberts Cheque/Postal Order
Attendance Form K Roberts By Post

Also at the last committee meeting we have taken on your thoughts and wishes and have decided that the next Reunion (2002 Dinner) will be the last one in Chester for a while! Some of the ideas for venue's were Bournmouth and Torquey, both of which have already contacted us through our connections with the Navy News and the Royal Naval Association. Let us know your thoughts ! we do listen ! They will be brought up at the next AGM and discussed at length.

At the last committee meeting we discussed the possibility of getting our own "Rum Fanny" with our name on it and a Ceremonial Lifebelt, we are trying a couple of outlets to see if this is viable, we will keep everyone informed of any developments but if you have any ideas let Keith know as soon as possible.

One important note to mention is that Keith (Secretary) has informed the committee of hit intentions of stepping down as Secretary at Chester in 2002. There were many reasons which have been explained to the committee and they have expressed their sorrow that he has to go. Terry said Keith had been the driving force for several years and would be sorely missed by the Association. By Ed I will still be at the Reunions ! Socialising and enjoying myself like the majority of you. If there is anyone out there that fancy's a go in th edriving seat don't hesitate to put your name forward for Election. That includes the Committee.

Next a letter from one of Broadswords originals, John Gunson, ex Mech 1, who abides in that other naval base, Chatham! He has sent a rather striking picture of the first Broadsword (Modified version) entering Venice. I have combined this with the summary of service 1944 - 68 history of the Broadsword (which includes a photo of her before modifications) Johns letter reads:-

Dear Alan

Thank you for my members card received recently, unfortunately I will not be able to attend the reunion at Chester.
I hope all goes as well as it did two years ago, I do know it is because you and Tansy have kept a steady hand on the tiller that it will be supported this year.
The enclosed photo (original black and white) one of Broadsword entering Venice on Monday 4th July 1960. We had just done a six week patrol around Cyprus so the holiday atmosphere at Venice was much enjoyed by all during our four day stay.
I send my best wishes to all attending and hope I will be able to attend the next reunion, be it at Chester or elsewhere.

Sincere regards

John Gunson EX MECH 1

P.S Sorry I could not frame the photo's


T H E  F I R S T  H M S  B R O A D S W O R D

HMS BROADSWORD was a destroyer of the "Weapons (Battleaxe)" Class ordered under the 1943 Programme. Built and engined by Yarrow & Co Ltd, Scotstoun, Glasgow, she was laid down on 20 July 1944, launched on 5 February 1946 and completed on 4 October 1948. Of 1,980 tons standard displacement, the BROADSWORD was 365'0" in length, with a breadth of 38'0" and draught (aft) of 17'1". Designed top speed was 34 knots with an endurance of 6,500 miles at 15 knots, 4,500 miles at 20 knots and 1,650 miles at full speed. Armament when built was 4 x 4" guns in twin mountings, 4 x 40mm Bofors in STAAG mountings and 2 x 40mm Bofors in single mountings. The BROADSWORD was fitted with 2 x 21" pentad revolving torpedo tubes for which she carried an outfit of 10 torpedoes. For antisubmarine warfare, she was fitted with 1 Squid mounting, for which she was out fitted with 120 missiles, and 1 rail with an outfit of 15 depth charges. In 1953 2 x 4" guns were removed together with the depth charge equipment. In place of the single Squid fitted, she was fitted with a double Squid (Port and Starboard). In 1958 the torpedo equipment was removed.

Upon completion HMS BROADSWORD was allocated to the 6th December Flotilla. She first went to Portsmouth and in November to Chatham where she was taken in hand on 29 November for completion of modifications, the work being completed on 31 December, the then left for Portland and thence to Campbeltown. In June 1949 she was attached temporarily to the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla for gunnery trials off Malta, returning to the UK in early September to rejoin the 6th Flotilla.

On 29 May 1950, after the Home Fleet Spring cruise, the BROADSWORD left the UK for Norfolk, Virginia, to be attached to the US Operational Development Force, mainly for gunnery trials. She left the USA on 21 August to arrive back at Sheerness on 1 September. After a short docking the BROADSWORD took part in the Home Fleet Autumn cruise. In 1951 and 1952 she took part in Home Fleet cruises and exercises.

In April 1953 HMS BROADSWORD was reduced to the Reserve at Chatham. In August 1953 she was placed in a state of preservation and dehumidification. Then in August 1955 the BROADSWORD was removed from the Special Reserve. In November 1956 the BROADSWORD was towed to Rosyth for refit, not completed until October 1958. On completion she was allocated to the 7th Destroyer Squadron and, after work-up and trials, took part in the Home Fleet Autumn cruise.

During the early part of 1959 the BROADSWORD was in the Mediterranean taking part in cruises and exercises. In April she returned to Portsmouth and thence to Chatham. The BROADSWORD was on the Iceland Patrol from 19 May to 3 June and again from 24 July to 12 August. She then went to Chatham for repairs which were not completed until the end of October.

After a short period on exercises early in 1960 HMS BROADSWORD was transferred in March 1960 to the Mediterranean Fleet where she took part in many exercises and visits. On 29 July 1960 she gave assistance to the ss HARTISMERE after an explosion aboard the latter ship off Malta.

In August the BROADSWORD was taken in hand at Gibraltar for a refit, the work not being completed until mid-November. On 25 March 1961 the BROADSWORD arrived back at Chatham having taking part in an exercise on her way home. During her year in the Mediterranean she had steamed 36,000 miles while engaged on NATO and National exercises.

The BROADSWORD had a further spell on the Iceland Patrol from 6 September to 25 September 1961. She then took part in a number of visits and exercises. In April 1962 she returned to the Mediterranean Station, where again she took part in many exercises and visits. On 6 December 1962 the BROADSWORD left Gibraltar for Portsmouth, arriving on 10 December to enter the Reserve Fleet.

On 24 January 1964 the BROADSWORD was placed on the Disposal List. In April 1968 she was towed to Rosyth where she was used for a time in connection with torpedo trials. On 18 July 1968 she was sold to T W Ward Ltd for breaking-up at Inverkeithing.

d31.bmp (625770 bytes)

Members list


Thanks for an excellent reunion in Chester. Being my first reunion it was just unbelievable seeing the faces I haven’t seen for 18 years, I had a great time and I am already looking forward to the next one in 2002.

Enclosed is all the info that you sent through, thanks. Most of it is now on the web and the rest will follow. Following are a couple of things you could put in the newsletter:-

Petty Officer Len Dolly
Justin Dolly is looking for anyone who served alongside his father, Len Dolly. He was onboard Broadsword immediately after it had been commissioned until the early 80’s before the Falklands, when he quit the Navy altogether. Unfortunately Len died in 1995 and Justin never got to know much about him as he and his mother divorced when he was young. If you knew him, then Justin would like to hear from you on 01884 251127 or email JUST25@tesco.net

Broadsword Falklands 82 web  www.btinternet.com/~broadsword82
The web site was first uploaded in December 1999 and in the first year received 34,000 page hits. I receive lots of emails from other units that were down the Falklands even including Argentinean pilots (wanting to know which ships they had attacked?) see enclosed photo.

The site is based on the Falklands war booklet with content from the ships company plus other things that I had in my shoe box.  Any other content that anyone has would be appreciated to keep the site with updates now and then. If you have pics not on the site please mail or email them, everything will be sent back.

Broadsword Association  www.hmsbroadsword.co.uk
The broadsword Association site has just been set up at.
The initial goals for the site include:-
Memories associated with any of the Broadswords.
Information, events reunions etc
Membership list
Join the association through the web site
Pictures and memorabilia
Promotion through both the sites to attract new members

Again any content for this site would also be appreciated.

Did you know
HMS Broadsword was sold to the Brazillian Navy in 1995 together with Brilliant, Battleaxe and Brazen shortly after. The name "Greenhalgh" was given to the frigate in honor of Ensign Joao Guilherme Greenhalgh, a Brazilian hero and martyr. Ensign Greenhalgh was born on June 28, 1845, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and unfortunately had a very short military career in the Brazilian Navy. He died, fighting, on June 11, 1865, at the age of only twenty, during the "Triple Alliance War" which involved Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, amid the Riachuelo Naval Battle, which was won by the Brazilian fleet in the waters of the Paraguay River. In that event, the Brazilian Ship Monitor "Paraiba" was accosted at the same time by three enemy ships. The crew (Ensign Greenhalgh included) on board the Brazilian ship engaged in a bloody fight against attacking soldiers and sailors, who outnumbered them by three. Greenhalgh stood out by his bravery in the fight. As his final battle, he fought against a much larger number of enemies who tried to strike down the Brazilian flag from the ship's mast. He ended up with his head decapitated, but the flag remained up and flying.

Cheers then

Spider Webster

P.S theres some stuff on disk if you can handle it!







£10 EACH


£2.50 EACH

£8.50P EACH

BASE BALL CAPS(Embroidered with ship's crest)
£8.75P EACH Ideal for golfers and gardeners'


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