Message from the Editor

Dear Shipmates. I hope everyone had a good Christmas.
The committee had its final meeting on the 10th February 2006.
The main topic of conversation was of coarse the forthcoming re-union in Chester on
18th November 2006.
It was decided that with the current funds sitting in the associations bank accounts we
would not be charging paid up members and associate members for this years re-
Details of this can be found on the acceptance form enclosed in the newsletter.
Obviously it is still imperative that we know the exact numbers attending the re-union
as we have to organise the buffet and inform Chester Town hall for safety reasons.
We of coarse do not want to over cater as this is just a waste of the Associations
I would therefore ask if those wishing to attend could send their acceptance forms and
any payments from non-members to me by 31st August 2006.


President Captain W R Canning DSO MBE RN

Mr Peter Philips
7 Inverness Avenue
Hants PO15 6AT

Mr Terry Lee
61 Bush Avenue
Little Stoke
BS34 8NE
Membership Secretary

Mr George Roche
22 Thanet Road
Thorney Close
News editor

Mr Dave Braken
43 Rochford Close
Grange Park
Wilts SN5 6AB
Royal Navy Liasion

Mr Steve Bullock
34 Balmoral Avenue


At the beginning of September 2005 local news agencies were reporting some unusual occurences in Bibraltar. We know the SAS had been in Gib on other ocassions, but in September, several strangely familiar faces were seen in the main street area and in the Hole in the Wall. Locals were not sure what was taking place and the police patrols were stepped up. Publicans and hoteliers saw a sudden unexplained increase in the sales of alcohol, particularly when a drink, not often drunk these days, JC's were suddenly in great demand by several shadowy7 figures darting from bar to bar in the deep of the night.

After a few days of these furtive figures had slipped on the Rock unnoticed, taxi drivers were making murmerings of faces that had come back to haunt them. It was the Broadsword Boys!!

Their leader, Billy Billingham finally stood up and made an announcement to the gathering folk. Gibraltarians had nothing to fear from the BB as we came in peace. In fact a great ceromony took place and to celebrate our return Billy married a young member of the entourage, Zena. More beer and JC's were drunk in vast quantities to show our appreciation of the uniting that was taking place within our organisation. Billy hitherto places a large amount of funds at the BB's disposal, the amount that could buy arms and amunition, but we were there in peace and thought the funds would be better utilised to make purcheses of Woods rum. After a meeting lasting 3 seconds the decision was wisely made and numerous bottles purchased from a native vendor.

Although the BB wore disguises in the form of suites and ties etc, we did not secret ourselves from the locals. They found us to be ordinary people not to be feared as in the past. They welcomed us with open arms and cash registers. Victualling became easier as a result and the quantity and qaulity had improved enormously since the 70's and 80's

After some 5 days the BB slipped quietly away once more. No hostages were taken, no shots were fired, and good relations now exist between the Gibraltarians and the BB. Trade with the locals was swift and plentyful. They will always be welcoming the BB in the future as an excellent rapport has been established.

To prove what I am saying is true please see some of the reccee photos taken at the commencement of the great celebration bestowed upon us by Billy.

A fantastic time was had by all and congratulations Billy and Zena.

Members details update

Standing Order Request

Dear Shipmate,
We are holding our Bi-annual reunion in Chester the weekend 17th November.
We normally meet informally in the Pied Bull from Friday Lunch time.
The AGM takes place in the council Chambers Saturday 18th November at 14:30.
There will be a Disco, Buffet and Bar in the Town Hall Assembly rooms from 1930 Saturday with up spirits during the evening 1 a single and 1.50 for a double.
The booking form and payment should be sent to Dave Braken.
RSVP by 30th October 2006 to establish catering for food and rum to be arranged and also fire regulations.
There will be no charge for fully paid up members and associate members.
There will be a charge of 10 for non members and a charge of 5 for all guests.

Booking Form