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Turks Head (St Agnes Scilly Isles)
Whilst sampling the local ale Steve Bullock came across this picture of the Broadsword and cap tally in the pub.

West Indies Guard Ship 1994 1995
Contributed by POMEM(M) Jan Denslow who served on Broadsword in 93 until she paid off.

The 54th Month
A poem by Charlie Cookes son, Jonathon aged 14

The Captains Steward
A book about Broadsword during the Falklands War, by Barry Firldgate

The Voyage To Norfolk Virginia
Hands to bathe cancelled in favour of shark fishing. Big eats for Buntins made from canvas and broom handles and the one that got away.

By "Tommo" Derek Thomson

Tour The World "Join The Royal Navy"
I Just thought it was good - Jack having the Arabs donkey away !! and the stupid look on Jack's face. Tanzy Lee.

A Matelot's farewell to his tot.

Recapture the atmosphere.
Missing the Royal Navy life? heres how to recapture the atmosphere of the old days and simulate living onboard ship once more.  Submitted by Tanzy Lee.

Joining Booklet
Does anyone remember the old joining booklet? Here's a picture of the front cover with broadsword on the front doing about 27 knots. Courtesy of Emil Topping.