Friday 08 July 1993


Two Royal Navy sailors were killed yesterday in a fire aboard the frigate HMS Broadsword as it finished operations in the Adriatic.

Leading Marine Engineering Mechanic Mark Adrian Hunt, 30, from Lancaster, who was single, and Marine Engineering Mechanic Roy Francis Ware, 22, married, from Plymouth, died after fire broke out in a small machinery compartment on the 3,900-ton Type 22 frigate.

On Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 22:10, alastair robins wrote:


  I was wondering if you help me or point me in the right direction, 

   My Brother, MEM Ware served on HMS Broadsword in 1993 and lost his life in a fire that broke out in July 1993 aged 22, I was very young at the time and didn't realy know my brother,  Ive been trying to find out some more about my brother for my sake and for out mothers. As i'm intrested in learning more about his life as a sailor,  

   So I was wondering if it would be posible for you to put something on your website asking if any of his former shipmates could share any experiances or storrys that they shared with him just so we could get a insite into his ofshore life. 

   Thank you in advance for any help.

 Alastair Robins 

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