Onboard HMS Broadsword then add yourself to the list. If you want to contact someone then copy and paste their email.

To add yourself to the list you must first sign up. You then only need to log in to change or delete your information.

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ID Name Nick Name Rank Mess Email Year Joined
1 Andy Gailes Gadget or Windy AB(R) 3H2 andygailes@sky.com 1987
2 Dean Webster Spider WEM(R) 3R spider.webster@hotmail.co.uk 1981
3 John Heighton Hedge LRO(T) 3H Stbd johnheighton@gmail.com 1979
4 Alan Barry CCY F&CPOs barryaj@virginmedia.com 1980
5 John Foster Fozzy WEA/A 3R john.foster217@ntlworld.com 1982
6 Kevin O\'Kane Canman Canteen Manager CPO\'s kokane@suremail.gg 1979
7 Michael Roche George AB(M) 3P2 michaelroche1@btinternet.com 1982
8 Patrick Paul Paddy AB(M) 3P2 patrickp.ratings@gmail.com 1981
9 L R Burden Les WOMEA(P) F/CPO leslie.burden75@gmail.com 1980
10 David Smith Smudger RO1(G) 3HS davesmith0045@blueyonder.co.uk 1989
12 Ray Hudson Rocky/Clubs POPT PO’s rayhudson09@gmail.com 1981
13 Jonathan Kew Jon Po (ew) Po Ajgkew@aol.com 1980
14 Colyn Ball Scouse AB(M) 3P2 colyn.ball@gmail.com 1982
15 Dave Bracken Mem (M) 3G davebracken364@gmail.com 1984
16 Kev Lyon Yorkie MEM(M) 3G Kevlyon1964@gmail.com 1981
17 Neil Allen Darby RO1(T) 3H Stbd neil@allentrad.com 1981