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Remembrance Parade 2018 Gallery

Captain William Robert Canning
Captain William Robert Canning London Gazette 8th October 1982      17/8/18

Broadsword Newsletter Summer 2018
                                                                                                                     By Kev the Can                                                                                    13/7/18

Photos from this years Reunion in Bristol Mercure Hotel 18th & 19th May 2018               22/05/18

A short article from Warship World of the life of Tidespring with a few mentions of Broadsword. (contributed by Nick Page)   30/03/18

Broadsword 1960 photos contributed by MEM Norman Wooley      18/03/18


A view from HMS Active of  Broadsword deeply shrouded with ram panels during Armilla patrol in 1987    17/03/18

Remembrance 2017 photos added         28/11/17

Armilla Patrol handover 1985, photo taken from HMS Jupiter. 3 photos contributed by Macca added to 85 gallery.      16/08/17

Added to the Broadsword section this document is slowly being added due to its large amount of pages.   11/08/17

Broadsword pay respects 35 years on. 04/6/17

HMS Wildfire get together     31/05/2017

Spider Webster under port bridge wing tez 82
Phot taken/contributed by Mal Palin     28/5/2017

MEM Ware lost his life on Broadsword in a machinery fire in July 1993.
His brother has recently contaced us trying to find out more about him, for his mother and brother.
 If there is any of MEM Wares shipmates out there then his brother would like to hear any experiences or stories that they shared with him.
Contact the webmaster from the contact section for details.    28/5/2017

Broadsword Devonport April 1989

Broadsword entering Portsmouth April 1987 (contributed by Brian Fisher)              11/09/16

Summer 2016 Newsletter              31/07/16

Contributed by Matterson Marine Collection, Original photographer unknown
Thee photos of Broadsword entering Montreal October 82.     30/06/16

Photos added to the Springtrain 82 Gallery taken by John D Henry   25/06/16

Two photos added to the Accension Gallery  10/06/16

Photos contributed by John Durston added to the 1985 gallery  05/06/16

New photo of Coventry added    31/05/16

New photo of Coventry added to the gallery  28/05/16

Visitor graph added with link to it at the bottom of the left navigation menu.  22/05/16

Chester Reunion May 2016

More photos from the Reunion contributed by Dave Bracken      19/5/16



Video section added for any video that has footage of  HMS Broadsword included. 15/06/16

The Remembrance Parade list  in the events section has now been modified so that additions to the list are now live on the site.
We have 36 spaces first come first served. If you cannot attend there is also a form to remove yourself from the list.

Report into the loss of HMS Coventry

The shipmates list has now been modified so that additions to the list are live.
Change of email is also easier by adding to list and then removing for your old entry.
If you just want to be removed then click the remove from list form.


Remembrance 2015

Lynx at Sea
Added 18/9/15   Aviation News June 1981 Lynx at sea with HMS Broadsword

Added 16/9/15       A letter from Captain Norman while at Yarrow

16/9/15       New picture HMS Broadsword in Plymouth 1980

High resolution scans added to the Yarrows gallery from the Commisioning Book

BROADSWORD No1 Original Limited Edition Artworks by Nick Barwis from www.jackstaxi.net

BROADSWORD No1 Original Limited Edition Artworks by Nick Barwis from www.jackstaxi.net

SAMA82 Reunion at The Hilton, Swindon 28/03/15

Remembrance Parade London 2014

Newsletter Summer 2014

Reunion HMS Drake 24th May 2014


Hermes Broadsword & Yarmouth at Ascension island

High Resolution images added in the Ardent gallery. Click to see the picture.
If you have a mouse wheel push the wheel down and use mouse to move around the zoomed image, or use scroll bars.


RNA Padre, Reverend John (Bomber) Mills sends all good regards to Broadsword Members
and contributes photos of his father ex Broadsword  Leading Telegraphist Joe Mills

Remembrance Sunday 2013 Broadsword Remembers those we left behind

Coventry in her final resting place 300ft below the surface 14 miles off Pebble Island October 1982

Sea Power 1980
Used by kind permission of DC Thomson & Co Ltd www.dcthomson.co.uk

Oscar Whild on HMS Victory

Remembrance Sunday 2012

Remembrance Sunday 2012
Reunion 2012

Reunion 2012

Video of Broadsword arriving at Plymouth

Pedlar Palmers welcome home

Fez Parker and Erol Flynn - Birkenhead 1984

Fez and Tanzy - Baltimore 1982

Jan Cahill, Brum ?, Scouse Carragher, Fez Parker, ?
Mombasa 1984

Captain " I can sink to any depth" Biggs, in the background Lt (now Commodore) David Steele - Porto 1985 

Brum, Dave, Stawbs and Sid sat on the 182 torpedo decoy Quarterdeck POS 1983 (Contributed by Fez Parker)

Tanzy San Carlos 1983
(Contributed by Fez Parker)

PO(S) Pony Moore and AB(S) Fez Parker 1983
(Contributed by Fez Parker)

Fez, Scouse Ball, Spud Hanwell and Sid Bawler Madeira 1983
(Contributed by Fez Parker)

Charlie, Strawbs, Tanzy, Brum, Debbie Reynolds, Dave Croft and
Spud Hanwell Falklands 83 (contributed by Fez Parker)

Broadsword rugby team Falklands 83 waiting for the pongos
to turn up to play, they called it off .... too cold!!