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Picture courtesy of Rutenio Sampaio

HMS Broadsword was sold to the Brazillian Navy in 1995 together with Brilliant, Battleaxe and Brazen shortly after.

The name "Greenhalgh" was given to the frigate in honor of Ensign Joao Guilherme Greenhalgh, a Brazilian hero and martyr. Ensign Greenhalgh was born on June 28, 1845, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and unfortunately had a very short military career in the Brazilian Navy. He died, fighting, on June 11, 1865, at the age of only twenty, during the "Triple Alliance War" which involved Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, amid the Riachuelo Naval Battle, which was won by the Brazilian fleet in the waters of the Paraguay River. In that event, the Brazilian Ship Monitor "Paraiba" was accosted at the same time by three enemy ships. The crew (Ensign Greenhalgh included) on board the Brazilian ship engaged in a bloody fight against attacking soldiers and sailors, who outnumbered them by three. Greenhalgh stood out by his bravery in the fight. As his final battle, he fought against a much larger number of enemies who tried to strike down the Brazilian flag from the ship's mast. He ended up with his head decapitated, but the flag remained up and flying.

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